Saturday, December 15, 2012

Author Emma Edwards Spotlighted!

About the Author:
Neo-gothic Welsh wordsmith Emma Edwards has written since childhood. She worked in Business Administration, married and nurtured her beloved kids, but it was only when they started to get older that she had the time to create, write and publish her first novel Sanguinary and more recently the follow up, Imbrued.
At thirteen, Emma watched The Lost Boys and ever since, she's had a thing about vampires, so it was inevitable that they would be the focus of her debut novel. She doesn't just write paranormal though; there are projects on the way that are grounded in reality like concrete.
Emma's writing style is sassy, sharp, dynamic, uncompromising and tends to the dark side. Let's just say it's never going to be rainbows and fluffy bunnies with Emma. Okay, there is one fluffy bunny in Imbrued, but he doesn't last long!
Would you bleed for the one you love? Angel Harris has always had a thing about vampires, but not so much the killer that is claiming victims in the city where she lives and works. The press are calling him ‘The Vampire’, because the victims are found drained of blood, with bite marks to their necks. Ash is the lead singer in a local rock band. Angel is drawn into his world when she is asked by her boss at the local newspaper to investigate rumors of blood drinking within Ash’s band. Ash and Angel bond on a deep level and she finds herself welcomed into this group of supposed blood drinkers. But the body count continues to rise and Angel will soon find out that ‘The Vampire’ is closer to her than she ever would have believed. Sex, blood and rock n roll.
Sanguinary Series Book 2
Angel is surviving. But is someone about to try and put an end to that? Again. After the harrowing experiences that she went through, Angel is trying hard to keep things on track. Although she sometimes feels that she is just going through the motions of life. Her heart still pumps her blood but she doesn't feel alive. Until her life is turned upside down again when a traumatic event draws her back into the blood drinking world. But it is a world that has changed dramatically. A world where legends and reality blur. Where myths and facts collide.
A slayer has risen. A slayer with a stake in his hand. A stake destined for the hearts of those that Angel loves. In the battle that ensues, she must fight, not only for herself but for all those that she holds dear. But who will survive? More sex, blood and rock ‘n roll.
What readers are saying:
~ Ms Edwards finds a way to keep the plot twists coming making it a real page turner!
~ I loved how the story just kept getting deeper and deeper and the suspense was killing me.
~ The climax was certainly reached and has left me wondering will there be more?
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