Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An Adventure to be had...

Taking a few moments to throw on a shirt that belonged to my sister, socks that belong to my nephew – one pulled up to my knee – the other scrunched down to my ankle, boots that belonged to my brother in law, a hobo bag that belongs to my niece, and a grass hat with a bird on top that came from Hawaii, I felt prepared for the adventure at the Cross Plains, Texas, library, dressed as ten year old Cecilia Spark. 

Twenty children from the ages of four to nine enjoyed the reading of Author Ngaire Elders “The Adventures of Cecilia Spark: The Brimstone Forest. The children were transported into an imaginary world of characters such as: Flurry Cecilia’s pup, sayings such as ‘Don’t dilly-dally down daydream alley’, interesting modes of transportation such as the broomobile, a dragon who can’t land smoothly, a mouse who can talk, Senorita Favorita, places like Dragon Dingle, snapdragon plants, Troglosauruses (say that three times fast in a row, I dare ya) and anti-saurus  blasters.

The children loved the illustrations in the book and referred to the "Thingamabob" as scary, "Soldier" as cute, and the "Troglodauruses" looked like an overgrown monkey. When asked if they knew what a "cauldron" was, one young lady quickly explained to all the rest what it is. 

Forty minutes after the adventure began, it ended much to the dismay of the children. After the clapping had leveled off, we discussed the book. The differences in words that they may not be accustomed to such as "Mum" for Mom and "Parcel" for package. I explained that the author is from Spain and even though the meaning of the words were the same, the spelling and word usage was different.  The children were really intrigued by this fact. 

Unfortunately, time did not allow the reading of the Ngaire Elder’s second book The Mystical Mountains of Terra. 

You CAN NOT go wrong with these wonderful children's book whether for your own home library, or to read for your local children's group. Fun and Interesting...

The only other thing I have to ask is: Ngaire, when is volume three going to be available??

Click this link to be taken to the Amazon Central Page of Ngaire Elder

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