Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Review of NorthWest by J.H. Glaze

Book Review of NorthWest by J.H. Glaze

4 out of 5 stars

Action packed, Attention grabber

NorthWest is indeed a book that will hold you attention. The descriptiveness is very well done, and the point of view shifts are well defined. The action keeps moving at a steady pace and covers a broad range from gang members to aliens. This story held my attention all the way through it. The writing is very good; the reader does not have to struggle with envisioning the action taking place. The main characters are well developed and the sub characters were developed enough to add enough spice and energy to the story.

There are two reasons why I rated a 4 star and not 5. The first being that every aircraft has an ELT - emergency locator transmitter. At the time of the crash the ELT would have been activated immediately sending the location of the aircraft out to an emergency frequency monitored by the FAA. The author discusses about error in flight plan which is conceivable and uses that error as to why it is difficult to get a rescue team in; however, there was nothing mentioned about the ELT. The second reason I rated the story a 4 and not 5 is the story was left open with regards to Emily's situation before she left on the trip. I would have liked to see instead of the book ending where it did, maybe a concluding chapter or epilogue to bring a closure to the other event.

Author JH Glaze....well done.

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