Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Review of The Nations by Ken Farmer and Buck Stienke

4 of 5 stars

The Nations is a western which takes the reader back in time after the civil war is over and yet brutality still rages. If you enjoy westerns, this book is sure to hold your attention as you cross the lands and journey through the plight of US Marshals chasing after cold blooded killers, horse thieves and stagecoach robbers.

With no discrimination bearing, the US Marshals go after men of all color: white, black and Indian and bring them before the well-known and feared judge, nicknamed ‘The Hanging Judge.’ However, their plight is not limited to men as a warrant is issued for a well-known female horse thief.

In an unusual display for that time period, a black man is accepted as a US Marshall who is able to produce the men and women whose warrants are issued. A man of courage and valor, this Marshall, when notified of a warrant for his own son, has to choose between his son’s actions and upholding the law.

In an action packed sequence of events, The Nations will lead you back in time and produce shivers down your back for the victims associated in this story and will lead you to cheer on the Marshalls as the shootouts bring you to one final showdown where all their lives plus some innocents are at risk.

The plot is engaging with its humor and moves at a good pace. There are several characters to keep up with but as the story develops the same characters are reintroduced over and over so they become known well to the reader. A few times the point of view shifts was clouded but overall this book is a good read.

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