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Article The Briton & The Dane - Birthright by Mary Ann Bernal

About The Briton & The Dane - Birthright
Second Book in Trilogy

It was a time before chivalry, before knighthood, before the birth of the great Bard. It was long after the legions of glorious Rome left Britannia to the Barbarian hordes and Hadrian’s Wall no longer divided the island that a great King sought to unite the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms of England.

Travel back in time to Ninth Century Anglo-Saxon Britain and the reign of Alfred the Great who successfully repelled the Viking threat and drove the formidable Danish King Guthrum out of his Kingdom of Wessex.

Journey throughout Britannia where Lord Richard and his children risk their lives in the service of their King; where treachery and treason threaten the uneasy peace; where the outcome of one battle determines the course of history.

What readers are saying: 

5 Star Review
Written by an author with a great love and understanding of the period she writes about. The characters are well drawn and the plot unfolds very well and holds the interest throughout. If you love historic novels you will enjoy this very much.

Another 5 Star Review
I thought this book was very good indeed. Many different characters to get to know.

I was particularly impressed with the way the chariot races were explained, and felt as though I was actually there at times.

I look forward very much to the next book when the story continues.

About the author Mary Ann Bernal:

I fell in love with medieval England after I read Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. Then came the great Hollywood epics such as Knights of the Round Table, Prince Valiant, The Black Shield of Falworth and The Vikings, to name but a few. Add to the mix Camelot and an incurable romantic Anglophile was born!

The Briton and the Dane novels are set in Ninth Century Anglo-Saxon Britain when the formidable Vikings terrorized the civilized world. The epic adventure runs the gamut of deception, treachery, intrigue, and complicated relationships during a time of war and conquest. Resource material such as book club discussion items, glossary of terms, period maps and character lists are available for download at

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