Friday, October 26, 2012

Valley of Choice

It sneaked up on you and took you away from those you love
and also those hobbies such as skating and drawing that you once held a passion for
replacing them with families who are now broken and taken advantage of
it snickers as you find what was once open, are now closed doors

and you wonder why? what happened? and what are you going to do?
for those who love you, haven’t stopped loving you, but have tried time after time
dutifully and woefully listening to your words and somehow they knew
the valley of choice you built for yourself is deep, and the steep hill is yours to climb

you may think, because those you love aren’t close around, that you are alone now
but you are not, as Mom watches from a distance as you choose to walk your own way
Mom silently begs you to understand; it’s your lack of actions that she can’t allow
and her pain is like a two edged sword, because as your Mom, her desire is for you to stay

She prays good things for you, as she is willing you to fight for you
and yet the hold that has you is strong and fighting is not what you want
so Mom grieves in quiet despair, her heart in a state of sadness and blue
as she waits for you to decide to release the drug that makes you so nonchalant

Far away but never far in a Mom’s thoughts; she does not do what her heart wants
but with wisdom presiding, rescuing you is what you want but the last thing you need
when the words Mom hears you speak, brings small joy to her heart, but are words that only taunt
for it is, once again, only in speech and backed up not in deed

the Mom’s heart grieves for her son as her eyes fill with distraught tears
sadness clutches her as she watches her son stagger through the valley of choice
hoping that he knows that a Mom’s love for her son will never disappear
and in his ear, she speaks her love and hopes, in the quiet, he hears her voice

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