Monday, October 1, 2012 you shall find...

Life is changing. Again.
                    At different stages of my life, and for others too without a doubt, defining words appear:
daughter, sister, friend,
                                        runner, basketball player, college girl, 
                                                                                                              wife, single mother, empty nester,

business leader, job hunter, in demand,
                                                                    single, girlfriend, ex-girlfriend,
                                                                                                                 ….and on goes the defining…

coping, changing,
                             learning, growing,
                                                             openness, closedness,
                                                                                                       introvert, extrovert,
                                                                                                                                   carefulness, abandonment,
laughter, pain,
                              acceptance, forgiveness, 
                                                                             beginnings, endings,
                                                                                                                       life, death
Do you identify? How do you define yourself as you face the day to day growth of life? Are you eager to face the different facets that present itself to you or do you shy away fearing failure or fearing success? At some point are you some of all and all of some….of both the positive and of the negative?
Do you die to live?
                                   or live to die?
                                                                     Do you love to hate?
                                                                                                           or hate to love?
Do you begin again?
                                    or never again?
These words may not make sense to you…but they make sense to me…as I am searching and knowing there must be others who are searching to…searching for what…smiling…that is the internal question which can only be answered by you.
some seek power, fame and fortune,
                                                                 some seek happiness, simplicity and internal rewards,
some seek material things, riches and social status

What are you seeking? Where is your quest leading you? And who are you leaving an impact on…
don't you is not what you have at the end of your life that makes you successful...
    the houses
                     the cars
                                    the vacations
                                                         the things
no, it is the quality of life that has been led by you that will make you successful or not in others hearts and in some...their eyes.
The legacy left living on in others will be the one you implant each day - the normal, trival, mundane tasks - that you may think has no impact but will be remembered for a long time by those left behind.
            and you shall find....
                                                without seeking...
                                                                               you shall never find...
     the heart...
                          the meaning...
                                                    the purpose...
                                                                               so seek....
                                                                                                   so you shall find...

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