Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review of Kid Atomic by Author Mark Barry

4 out of 5 stars

Kid Atomic is a current day young adult fiction novel that has a very interesting plot.

I found the character development to be quite intricate and pulls the reader into the mind of several characters within the story.

Kevin's mom was one character that stood out. She had Kevin later in life and then became a single mother as he was still growing up. She is the epic model of a Mom.

Rachel is portrayed accurately as a young woman trying to find herself and her worth within herself and with her peers. With that being said, she makes mistakes in how to handle certain aspects of several relationships that leads to untimely discord.

Ricky is stability to Kevin. He is a friend of Kevin's who gets removed from his presence not by his own choice but due to a drastic measure; one that was mean for Ricky as well.

Lee is an antagonist that fulfills his role impeccably.

Overall this young adult fiction story is a good read with a plot that is believable and characters that are likable.

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