Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review of Bobby's Dove by author Matthew Hamilton and Illustrator Cheryl Ramirez

5 out of 5 stars

Bobby’s Dove is a poem that is transferred to book form and is easily read to children or for children who are just learning to read. The book fits into any library: home, public or church.

Bobby’s Dove teaches children, in a warm and fun way, that God loves them. The pictures are warm and descriptive. Younger age children love to find the cat and the puppy which appears in most of the pictures. The rhythm of the poem is fun to read out loud.

The hero of the story, Bobby looks a tad different in some of the pictures as this is the illustrator’s first book but this one aspect does not distract from the story or the message and young readers will be too busy looking for the cat or puppy to notice!

The author, Matt Hamilton lives in Ft. Worth, Texas and is married with children. This is his first book dedicated lovingly to his children.

The Illustrator, Cheryl Ramirez, lives in Cisco, Texas and is married with children. She is currently working on a new book written by author Jennifer Hopkins titled Bobby Mac Mouse. It will be available to the public through Amazon on December 1, 2012.

Cheryl earned her Bachelor of art degree from Texas State University in San Marcus, Texas.

Cheryl is the illustrator for children’s books, book cover designer, and operates wing feather books which are a small press for independent authors. If interested in her services you may contact her at the following links:




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