Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Review of Paula Martins Fragrance of Violets

5 out of 5 stars

Spouting off words as teenagers can have long term affect as Jack and Abigail have found out. Ten years after the ending of a close friendship Jack comes back into Abigail’s life during a period of mourning for him. He is not looking for love but the long ago stirring can not be denied.

With problems of the village life ongoing, Jack offers a solution that will place Abigail in his life more often. Is he a fool to believe that Abigail can forgive him or her father? And that he is a man worthy of her trust?

Abigail came back home after experiencing a downfall in her career in London. The last person she thought she would meet up with is Jack and she didn’t expect to fall in love with him; but can she forgive him of the hurtful words said ten years prior? And when Jack keeps a secret, she is left hurting once again...
Among all of this, Abigail found the courage to confront one of greatest hurts she had ever experienced, the story had to be paused to shed a few tears for that situation acutely described to reach the readers core.

Being an American reader I smiled often as I came to the terminologies that are mostly used in the UK, leaving warm fuzzies in my heart and thankful that due to the e-world, more and more people are being linked in to different cultures and languages.

Once again, Author Paula Martin has penned another entertaining, easy reading and delightful story in Fragrance of Violets.

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