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Finding Your Niche...

It’s hard sometimes finding your niche…who you are…what you love to do…how you present it…and that is in real life then you add in social media: blogging, twittering, facebooking, emailing, interviewing, reviewing and then there is your own writing, editing, and for some family and outside careers…. And the ultimate challenge of: KEEPING UP WITH IT ALL.

Due to some networking through the above mentioned sites, I want to introduce you to some people who have helped me find my niche in the social media world. The bottom line is each one of these persons I am about to mention are about helping others succeed. And that, in and of itself, is worth mentioning alone.

E-Reader House:
It all started when I met Alan from E-Reader House; a home for independent authors and independently minded readers. Please be assured you are actively encouraged to post your books, reviews, etc.  A chance to find the hidden gems in the e-book world.  

He was the first one to do an interview of my book and I think when I “liked” his page he had less than 200 “likes.” He is now over 1,200 “likes”. You can visit his page at:

How does the e-reader House contribute to authors? The real question is how does the e-reader NOT contribute to authors? Doing interviews….listing authors by last names and adding short posts and links about them…and continuously posting them. Great FREE exposure by them for authors. Thank you Alan and the e-reader house for all you do!  

Wiz Green- The Wizard's Cauldron

Top quality Independent reading experience and networking. Visit his blog spot at  to see interviews from authors all around the world. His support of the Indie writer is awesome and I have had the pleasure to get to know him as a friend as well.  An interview with him is also featured in his blogspot! Visit his facebook page to keep up with this up and coming interviewer and writer: 

Wendy Steele/Destiny of angelsnovels:

I have had the pleasure of messaging Wendy back and forth and I think she is one fantastic person! Honest, encouraging, open and wanting to see others succeed and thus she produces the following on her facebook page:!/destinyofangelsnovel

Host of BOB – BONAZNA – rules: post the back of your book to her page, recommend another author’s book and scroll down and vew and share other author’s works

Host of SHAREFEST - rules: post your book to her page, recommend another author’s book and scroll down and vew and share other author’s works

You are sure to find a book that fits your genre!

So in light of the awesome company that I am finding myself in, you may be wondering where I might be “fitting in” in the social media. I would like to share with you bookreviews I have done on others books. I hope that it will be helpful in deciding if you would like to purchase their books.  

Without Further Ado… 

Carla by Mark Barry - - 5 stars

Remember the scene in Forrest Gump where he is sitting on a bench waiting for a bus to go see his "Jenny" and he is telling his story as people come and go?

Well, I felt like I was in a pub, on a barstool, as he drank his ale and I, mine, and he spoke quietly as he told me his story about Carla and him. He spoke from his perspective and quite literally I was enamored. Being taken into the depths of his mind, thoughts, actions and reactions to situations real or perceived was an amazing and sometimes scary journey. in....I know that kind of feeling....kind of scary.

Carla is a beautiful person who has been projected to be exactly who she is: an open minded, busy, young, and attractive woman who knows her mind and also deals with her own set of insecurities giving Carla a mixture of attributes that makes an appeal to the reader.

Sharna is the dedicated friend to Carla and it is interesting to watch how she projects herself as Carla's protector when meeting John and then the development of their friendship with Carla being the vine that connects them.

John is an older man who struggles internally with each encounter - perceived or real - that occurs. He has come a full circle in his life and finally has an understanding of who and what he is; both the good and the bad. You will fall in love with John and then you will love to hate his actions or reactions. You will cheer for John but in the next breath you will berate him. You will definitely be able to relate to John at some point in the story!

And by the time you get to the ending....oh my... No spoiler here! You must read to find out; but, I promise you one thing, it won't be what you expect!

Bridging the Gap by Kate Warren - - 5 stars

Author Kate Warren has spun a tale that has believable characters that you will love to love and love to hate. Each person is portrayed true to form and it is within this portrayal that kept me turning pages to find out what is coming next. I found myself on a rollercoaster of emotions that left me empathizing with Ellen, Lanie, Stephanie, DJ, Matt and even Chloe.

This is a drama that captures all the emotions of divorce, life and death, endings and new beginnings. If you are deliberating on purchasing this book, I am here to tell you, you won't be disappointed as Author Kate Warren delivers a book worth reading!

 Lust, Money & Murder by Mike Wells - - 4 stars

As with the other reviewers, I am not much for series books; therefore, there was some gap in between reading part II and part III. However, I was able to pick up the storyline and follow the characters through the conclusion of this three part story. As with the previous two parts, the author did an exceptional job in keeping the characters true to form and keeping the action moving. I highly recommend reading this book all the way through.

Photo Finish by Terry Ambrose – 5 stars

I have just finished reading Photo Finish and I absolutely fell in love with the strong, well-defined, very humanly portrayed characters. I found myself relating to the places mentioned in the book as I currently live on Oahu. I found myself laughing, being disturbed, mystified, and having "ah-ha" moments as the mystery unraveled. The suspense and action kept you motivated to know what was coming on the next page.

I don't want to give away this novel or the ending so I am going to end this review with this: Photo Finish is a well thought out mystery placed in a beautiful location with characters that will leave you with a sense of having new friends....for life. This story is a must read and I am looking forward to more of Terry Ambrose's future novels!

Tender Graces by Kathryn Magendie - - 5 Stars

Just wanted you to know I had downloaded your book, Tender Graces, a few weeks ago but with my work schedule I could only read a short bit at a time until this weekend. I have relaxed today losing myself in your story so powerfully and wonderfully weaved that it threw me back into time surrounding me with raw emotions of a family life who has done their best - having qualities of sacrifice and selfishness, compassion and greed, love and loss, decisions and consequences, understand and resolution. Thank you for writing such a beautiful, heartfelt, and painful journey of a family's life.

 Ripper, My Love by Glynis Smy - - 5 Stars

Ahh to fall in love with a story - this is exactly what happened as I met Kitty, Sarah, Arthur, James and Patrick. Kitty is the woman you just love to love and Sarah is too! I even fell in love with Sally...and then heartbroken at her situation. Arthur, James and Patrick are all vying for the affections of Kitty leading to a story that grabs your attention, holds it and delivers the warm fuzzy feeling as you read the last words....Now, I can't say too much more because then I would ruin it but I do have to say this: It is a wonderful story written by a talented writer - Good Job Glynis Smy on your debut novel! And I am looking forward to reading "Maggie's Child" later this year after it is released!
The Final Possession by A.M. Hunter – 5 Stars

Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down. Very articulate and suspenseful. I am eagerly awaiting for her next book to arrive to the shelves!


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