Monday, March 7, 2011

Where do you go?

Where do you go when your life gets tough and the harder you try, the rougher life becomes; sometimes those who claim to love you are the ones who hurt you the most leaving you feeling abandoned and alone, afraid and uncomforted, with no hugs, no ‘I love you’, no laughter, no smiles, no joy – the most loneliest of places to be.

And yet - those special words of love, of joy, of pleasure, of peace, of smiles, of hugs and most of all acceptance – are all within your reach. His name is Jesus and He poured Himself out so you can have all; He paid the price regardless if you believe. He wants you to but He won’t force you to. He has known you from the moment He created you in the womb and He watches over you as you sleep. He does not cause pain; in contrast, He has the best laid plans made just for you. Do life His way and you shall receive more abundantly than ever the love and acceptance you are searching diligently for and loneliness will no longer be an issue.

In this relationship there is cooperation between you and God. He gave us His Words in order that we may know Him and know how to live life according to Him. Put away what others may say and open His Words and pray. And believe. His promises are there for everyone not just for a select some. And so are His commandments which are not put there to harm you but to help you fulfill your life more abundantly.

You may be wondering if God is so good, why are there so many hardships in life – the more important pondering is this: Jesus came to earth in order to dwell with us – His creation. He lived a perfect life while experiencing hardships. Because of this fact alone, He can walk along side of you nodding His head and saying to us: I understand. I have been there. I remember the pain. I get angry too. I count your tears as you cry. OR Yes, let us laugh because I remember joy. I love you even though others may not. I am proud of who you are – so much that I call you my prince or my princess, my son or my daughter. What a sweet aroma is the song that comes from your lips! Yes, creation is beautiful and I made it just for you. I will never leave you my child. You have a future, because this world is not the end.

And just like two old friends, you link arms together as you stroll down the valley and dance through the pastures and struggle to climb that mountain – which is as we know it – LIFE.