Monday, January 17, 2011


As I was writing and praying, God kept reminding me that all I had to do was follow His lead and He would do the rest. I am following, will you allow Him to lead? 

He's growing you through this added dimension that is going on in your life right now. A change is occurring. We can not go through the balance of life without change. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could freeze time just so a mother's heart could soak up those perfect moments between parent and child? A husband and wife? A friend to a friend? But there will be a day when all moments are perfect. A day when there is no more worries, fear, concern or anguish. A day when there will be no more manipulation, behavior issues, drugs, alcohol, diseases or torture. And we, who believe, will be part of an everlasting life of enormous proportion. We will play with the cobras and swim the deep with the whales. We will sing with the angels and walk side by side with Christ. Oh what a day that will be! But until that day comes we will rest in the cleft of His shadow as we go from day to day serving Him the best we are able until our last breath brings us closer to Him. 

Hold close to your loved ones but realize that He is holding your loved ones closer than you are. Allow Him to show you that your loved ones are in His care, His provision, His strength and His love. Let Him show you that it is okay to place our loved ones into the hands of the Father's Son. After all, our Father is the greatest example of Him letting go of the most precious loved one - and He did it for you and for me. And His son suffered for your loved ones and my loved ones.

Are you at peace with your situation? With what may be happening in you time of need? Are you able to rest in His presence no matter what the outcome of a situation may be? Whether God allows or denies the matters on your heart, are you still willing to walk with Christ each day until the beginning of your eternal life?

No one said you had to lie down and take what Satan may be dishing out to you. Pray! Prepare! Gather wisdom! Consult godly counselors! Pray! Understand! I have come to learn (again) that I am here as a facilitator to those that I love. They belong to Him – God has loaned them to me for a short time. God has their best interest at His heart and even though I want to protect my loved ones and guide them as I see fit, God may have them go through this tribulation to become the man and woman of God that Christ wants them to be. Oh that is so hard for me -- letting my loved ones go and letting the claws of the world have an opening to them. 

But I won’t do it without fighting - I am walking with Christ on a new level of trust, honesty, strength and love as the ones that I love battle manipulation, drugs and anger as they grow and as I grow into the persons that God is calling us to be. My fight is in my prayers, in the prayers of my friends, in the prayers of my family and in the prayers of my church family. My fight is writing out scripture and inserting my loved ones names. My fight is to read over the prayers and scriptures when I am weak, when I am tired and when I feel that I can not continue in this fight. Then I remember my fight is with the unseen enemy who wages war against all those who are for Christ and not against the physical persons of this world. Love the person who is acting as your enemy for it is really the unseen that is your enemy. Fight the battle through prayer in love and Satan is sure to flee. God has won the war and these battles that we are facing and fighting are eternal! 

May God be with you and put you at ease because He loves you so much that He wouldn’t forsake either you or your loved ones that He placed in your loving care.

Our loving Father who art in Heaven please hear my cry and their cries. Each has loved ones who know you not and I pray now that you soften their hearts in order that they may hear and to receive and to believe. May You bring down Your Spirit upon our nation, and into each of our homes. Lord I pray before you now in humbleness and meekness of spirit, of one who kneels in awe of You and Your commands, Your joys, and Your everlasting grace, mercy, kindness and love. I beseech You to not forget this child that you placed in this world. I beseech You to give Your ear over to this prayer and I ask that You bring into Your will those who are out of it may they be followers of You or one of the many lost. Strengthen us, those who are Your followers, in order that we may be able to, through You, rise to the opportunities that are given to us. Forgive us for our sins Lord, because we know when we sin it is first and foremost against You, the creator of all and the lover of our soul. Lord Jesus, I pray that you look down upon us in mercy and hear our pleas and help us for it is only You who can actually bring the changes in us and our loved ones that we each seek. Deliver our loved ones from hatred, addictions and liars. Bring our loved ones to safety within You. May Your will be done in each life and may You help us to accept and cope when changes in our life doesn’t go they way we think it should. In Your Holy and Precious Name I pray Jesus, the giver and taker of life, the ruler of all and the lover of our souls, 

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