Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Silent Killer.......@teambeachbody #beachbody

It was just another physical. Routine. So he was shocked when the doctor told him he had High Blood Pressure. The prescription he held in his hand confirmed this was real. He decided something needed to change but first, he needed to know more about what the doctor called, The Silent Killer.

Blood Pressure Category

Systolic mm HG
Top Number

Diastolic mm HG
Bottom Number

Less than 120
Less than 80

High blood pressure Stage 1

High blood pressure
Stage 2

160 or higher
100 or higher
Hypertensive Crisis

180 or higher
110 or higher

Causes of Hypertension:
85-95% of people who have high blood pressure the cause is unknown. The number of people with high blood pressure increased with age. Up to the age of 45 high blood pressure is seen more in men. From ages 45-54 men and women are equally divided. After age 54 women are more likely to have high blood pressure than men.

Risk Factors:
  1. Obesity
  2. Family history
  3. Poor Diet
  4. Stress

If High Blood Pressure is left untreated it can cause damage to major organs including the heart, brain, eye vessels and kidneys.

What do the numbers mean?

Systolic and diastolic represent the pressure against the walls of your blood vessels as the blood moves through them.

Systolic pressure is when pressure is highest in the arteries and occurs when the lower part of the heart contracts.

Diastolic pressure is the minimum pressure in the arteries and occurs when the lower part of the heart relaxes.

Which number is more important?
The top number, systolic blood pressure, is more important. However, there are some circumstances where diastolic may be more important. For example, people aged younger than 40 years, diastolic is a better way to assess risk. Over the age of 40, systolic is the number to watch.

Here are some ways to impede The Silent Killer:
  1. Reduce sodium.
  2. Eat fewer processed foods
  3. Exercise consistently
  4. The more weight you lose, the lower your blood pressure becomes.
  5. Reduce Stress.
  6. Quit tobacco products.
  7. Reduce or Quit caffeine.

Don’t Be a Victim of The Silent Killer. Take control Today.

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